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David A. Czaplewski

Scientist, Nanoscience


Research interests include the design, fabrication, and testing of micromechanical and nanomechanical devices, developing novel methods to realize nanoscale devices for use as sensors and actuators, studying the non-linear dynamics of M/NEMS resonators and oscillators, including synchronization and modal coupling, studying plasmonic behavior and light scattering, ranging from Rayleigh to Mie, for the formation of metamaterials, including applications such as flat lenses, and creating quantum systems of quantum dots coupled with mechanical vibration to a carbon nanotube.


B.S., Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago
M.S., Applied Physics, Cornell University
Ph.D., Applied Physics, Cornell University

Recent Select Publications

  • H. Cai, S. Srinivasan, D. A. Czaplewski, A. B. F. Martinson, D.J. Gosztola, L. Stan, T. Loeffler, S. K. R. S. Sankaranarayanan, D. López, Inverse design of metasurfaces with non-local interactions” NPJ Comp. Mat. 6 1 pp. 1-8 2020.
  • Hao Li, Biqin Dong, Xian Zhang, Xiao Shu, Xiangfan Chen, Rihan Hai, David A Czaplewski, Hao F. Zhang, and Cheng Sun, Disposable ultrasound-sensing chronic cranial window by soft nanoimprinting lithography”, Nat. Comm. 10 4277 (2019).
  • David A Czaplewski, Scott Strachan, Oriel Shoshani, Steven W Shaw, Daniel López, Bifurcation diagram and dynamic response of a MEMS resonator with a 1: 3 internal resonance”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 114 254104 (2019).
  • Yu Kambe, Christopher G Arges, David A. Czaplewski, Moshe Dolejsi, Satya Krishnan, Mark P Stoykovich, Juan J de Pablo, Paul F Nealey, Role of Defects in Ion Transport in Block Copolymer Electrolytes”, NanoLetters 19 4684-4691 (2019).
  • David A. Czaplewski, Changyao Chen, Daniel Lopez, Oriel Shoshani, Axel M. Eriksson, Scott Strachan, Steven W. Shaw, Bifurcation Generated Mechanical Frequency Comb”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121 244302 (2018).
  • N. Earnest, S. Chakram, Y. Lu, N. Irons, R. K. Naik, N. Leung, L. Ocola, D. A. Czaplewski, B. Baker, Jay Lawrence, Jens Koch, and D. I. Schuster, Realization of a Λ System with Metastable States of a Capacitively Shunted Fluxonium”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 150504 (2018).
  • C. Chen, D. H. Zanette, D. A. Czaplewski, S. W. Shaw, D. López, Direct observation of coherent energy transfer in nonlinear micro-mechanical oscillators” Nat. Commun. 8 15523 (2017).
  • C. Chen, D. H. Zanette, J. R. Guest, D. A. Czaplewski, D. López, Self-sustained Micromechanical Oscillator with Linear Feedback” Phys. Rev. Lett. 117 017203 (2016).
  • G. Yang, A. Fragner, G. Koolstra, L. Ocola, D. A. Czaplewski, R. J. Schoelkopf, and D. I. Schuster, Coupling an Ensemble of Electrons on Superfluid Helium to a Superconducting Circuit”, Phys. Rev. X 6, 011031 (2016).
  • B. S. Dennis, M. I. Haftel, D. A. Czaplewski, D. Lopez, G. Blumberg and V. A. Aksyuk, Compact nanomechanical plasmonic phase modulators”, Nat. Photonics 9, pp. 267-273, 2015.

Recent Select Patents

  • David A. Czaplewski, Daniel Lopez, Tapashree Roy, Ultra-Flat optical device with high transmission efficiency” US patent #US10324314 issued Jun. 18th, 2019.
  • David A. Czaplewski, Haogang Cai, Daniel Lopez, Ultrathin, Polarization-Independent, Achromatic Metalens for Focusing Visible Light”, US patent #US2019/0025464A1 issued Jan. 24th, 2019.
  • David A. Czaplewski, Omar Lopez, Jeffrey R. Guest, Dario Antonio, Sebastian I. Arroyo, and Damian H. Zanette, Nonlinearity induced synchronization enhancement in mechanical oscillators, US patent #9966966B2 issued May 8th, 2018.
  • Changyao Chen, Omar D. Lopez, and David A. Czaplewski, Frequency and Amplitude Stabilization in MEMS and NEMS Oscillators, US patent #9680414 issued June 13th, 2017.