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John J. Low

Computational Scientist

John Low is a computational material scientist with expertise in quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo. He has improved materials used in catalysis, separations, gas storage, steel making, energy storage, and additive manufacturing.


John Low is a computational scientist with extensive experience installing, debugging, optimizing, and applying scientific software in industrial (Honeywell-UOP) and national laboratories.  As a computational material scientist, John has modeled materials and processes involving catalysis, separations, and batteries in the petrochemical, industrial gases, hydrogen storage, carbon sequestration, energy storage, steel refining, and additive manufacturing processes.  These models involved quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, and Monte Carlo methods.  As an experimental material scientist, he collected and analyzed X-ray absorption data for catalysts and other materials.  John’s twenty-nine publications and seven patents have received 4518 citations.