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Michael J. Wojcik



Michael Wojcik is a Physicist in the Optics group part of the X-ray Science Division at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. His primary research interest involves nanofabricated diffractive optics and in particular hard X-ray zone plates for imaging and microscopy applications. Other fabricated optics deployed at APS include X-ray gratings, resolution standards, and test samples. He has worked with APS beamline scientists for development of grating interferometry, ptychography, and other X-ray techniques. He is working on developing X-ray optics for the APS-Upgrade future beamlines and in particular optics for sub-10 nm focusing. He also works as a beamline scientist at the 1-BM Optics and Detector testing beamline at APS. At the beamline he assists a wide variety of users with experiments from characterizing multilayer Laue Lens to polarization detector testing to rocking curve topography of crystals.