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Nicholas John Frontiere

Assistant Computational Scientist

Performs research in computational cosmology with emphasis on numerical hydrodynamics.


Nicholas Frontiere is one of the developers of the numerical cosmology code HACC (Hardware/Hybrid Acceleration Cosmology code). Contributing since 2012, he has been actively researching novel numerical hydrodynamic methods, particularly advancements in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic schemes; playing a leading role in developing Conservative Reproducing Kernel SPH (CRK-SPH), a framework that overcomes many of the problems of the original SPH technique, while maintaining many of its advantages.   He is also presently investigating new extensions to galactic formation subgrid modeling suitable for large scale cosmology simulations. 

Nick has been developing high performance codes at multiple national laboratories for many years. His contributions to HACC have been directed towards performance and scalability on supercomputing hardware. He was a lead developer in HACC’s 3D parallel FFT, scalable to millions of ranks, which is now available separately as the DOE ECP-supported SWFFT package. He also developed the GPU accelerated gravity-only solver in HACC. Both activities contributing to the HACC team becoming ACM Gordon Bell Finalists in 2012 and 2013. Nick is presently combining his research in hydrodynamic and subgrid advancements with novel GPU acceleration aimed at achieving high performance on a variety of current and next-generation accelerators.