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Russell Knaack

Principal Engineer

Providing engineering support to the Low Energy Group within the Physics Division.



Principal Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory: Physics Division, Low Energy Technical Support Group

  • Design a wide variety of equipment and components to support Physics Division’s Low Energy group and ATLAS experimental facilities
  • Successfully designed & built many components and assemblies used in ATLAS experimental areas
  • Engineering/Technical lead for the N=126 Beam Factory Project in 203/ATLAS
  • Have significant experience designing components, test chambers, and other equipment/mechanisms for vacuum service (beamline)
  • Have exposure to designing RF components (90° RFQ, accelerating hardware, & others)
  • Have worked on many medium and large size projects with full project responsibility: concept, engineering, materials selection, design, drafting, obtaining quotes, coordinating manufacturing/fabrication (Central Shops and outside vendors), inspection, assembly, installation (in some cases), and tracking project costs
  • Successfully collaborated with scientists & engineers at various other research facilities and institutions (FRIB, ORNL, CERN, consultants, universities, etc.)
  • Initiated and successfully pursued acquisition of new Creaform TripleSCAN handheld laser scanner in Physics Division
  • Highly proficient at creating 3D CAD models and engineering drawings of complex components and assemblies with Autodesk Inventor
  • Employ FEA stress analysis in engineering designs to ensure project success
  • Have demonstrated high proficiency within Physics Division at designing parts & components for simplicity, low cost, and manufacturability
  • PHY Employee of the month: Sept. 2018, July 2021
  • Impact Argonne award recipient: June 2020
  • Currently working on Argonne lab-wide design standards committee


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ


  • Have six U.S. patents from three employers covering a wide range of designs from turbochargers to injection molded components: (6,205,784;  8,014,171;  8,576,580;  9,103,231;  9,127,690;  9,279,343)
  • Started additive manufacturing initiative at previous employer with purchase of 3D printer in 2010.  Have stayed active with technology, attending conferences and working with the CAT Additive Mfg. Factory.  Have worked with APS 3-D printing lab to produce 3-D printed parts and use them in designs at ANL
  • Through self-teaching and attending training classes, have achieved high proficiency with 3D scanning and post-processing/analysis as well as operation of Leica 960 laser tracker.  Currently operate 3D scanner and laser tracker at ANL as needed to support projects