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Shiba Adhikari

Postdoctoral Appointee

Dr. Shiba Prasad Adhikari is a postdoctoral appointee in the Applied Materials Division at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory.


Dr. Shiba Adhikari earned his Master’s in Science (MSc) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal before pursuing a second Master’s (MRes) at the University of Surrey in the UK. In 2017, he achieved his Ph.D. from Wake Forest University. Dr. Adhikari is a co-recipient of the prestigious Argonne Launchpad program-2023. 


  • Postdoctoral, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
  • Ph.D., Wake Forest University, USA
  • MRes, University of Surrey, UK
  • MSc, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Awards and Honors

  • Senior Graduate Student Award, Department of Chemistry, Wake Forest University, 2017
  • Graduate Student Travel Award, Department of Chemistry, Wake Forest University, 2016
  • Alumni Travel Award, Department of Chemistry, Wake Forest University, 2015
  • Nanomanufacturing Conference Poster Award, Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN), 2015
  • First Year Graduate Student Award, Department of Chemistry, Wake Forest University, 2014
  • Wake Forest University Graduate Fellowship, Wake Forest University, 2013

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society
  • Materials Research Society

Selected Publications

  1. Shiba P. Adhikari, Junyan Zhang, Kinga Unocic, Evan C. Wegener, Pranaw Kunal, Dhruba J. Deka, Todd Toops, Sreshtha Sinha Majumdar, Theodore R. Krause, Dongxia Liu, Zhenglong Li, Direct 2,3-Butanediol Conversion to Butene-Rich C3+ Olefins over Copper-Modified 2D Pillared MFI: Consequence of Reduced Diffusion Length” ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (2022)
  2. Shiba P. Adhikari, Junyan Zhang, Qianying Guo, Kinga A. Unocic, Ling Tao, Zhenglong Li, A hybrid pathway to biojet fuel via 2,3-Butanediol” Sustainable Energy & Fuels (2020) 4, 3904. (Cover highlight)
  3. Shiba P. Adhikari, Zachary D. Hood, Sarah Borchers, Marcus Wright, and Abdou Lachgar, Biofuel production with sulfonated high surface area carbons derived from glucose” ChemistrySelect (2020) 5, 1534.
  4. Shiba P. Adhikari, Zachary D. Hood, Vincent W. Chen, Karren L. More, and Abdou Lachgar, g-C34 / nitridized Sr2Nb2O7 nanocomposite as an efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution under visible light irradiation” Sustainable Energy and Fuels (2018) 2, 2507.
  5. Cristian I. Contescu, Shiba P. Adhikari, Nidia C. Gallego, Neal D. Evans, and Bryan E. Biss, Activated carbons derived from high-temperature pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass” C Journal of Carbon Research (2018), 4, 3, 51.
  6. Zachary D. Hoodǂ, Shiba P. Adhikariǂ,Yunchao Li, Amit K. Naskar, Legna Figueroa-Cosme,Younan Xia,Miaofang Chi,Marcus W. Wright,Abdou Lachgar,and M. Parans Paranthaman. Novel acid catalysts from waste tire-derived carbon: Application in waste-to-biofuel conversion” ChemistrySelect, 2 (2017) 4975 (Cover highlight) ǂBoth authors as first authors.
  7. Shiba P. Adhikari, Zachary D. Hood, Hui Wang, Rui Peng, Hui Li, Vincent W. Chen, Karren L. More, Zili Wu, Scott Geyer, and Abdou Lachgar, Enhanced visible light photocatalytic water reduction of a g-C3N4/SrTa2O6 heterojunction” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 217 (2017) 448.
  8. Shiba P. Adhikari, Zachary D Hood, Karren L More, Vincent W Chen, and Abdou Lachgar, A visible-light-active heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation”, ChemSusChem 9 (2016) 1869.
  9. Hui Wang, Rui Peng, Zachary D. Hood, Michael Naguib, Shiba P. Adhikari, and Zili Wu, MXene-TiO2 Composites as Novel Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Production under Visible Light Irradiation” ChemSusChem 9 (2016) 1490.
  10. Shiba P. Adhikari, Hunter Dean, Zachary D. Hood,Rui Peng, Karren L. More,Ilia Ivanov, Zili Wu, Abdou Lachgar, Visible light-driven Bi2O3/WO3 composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity” RSC Advances 5 (2015) 91094.
  11. Shiba P. Adhikari, Zachary D. Hood,Karren L. More,Ilia Ivanov, Lifeng Zhang, Michael Gross, Abdou Lachgar, Visible light assisted photocatalytic hydrogen generation by Ta2O5/Bi2O3, TaON/Bi2O3, and Ta3N5/Bi2O3 composites”, RSC Advances 5 (2015) 54998.


  1. Surface treated carbon catalysts produced from waste tires for fatty acids to biofuel conversion.” Zachary D. Hood, Shiba P. Adhikari, Marcus W. Wright, Abdessadek Lachgar, Yunchao Li, Amit K. Naskar, Mariappan Parans Paranthaman, US Patent # 20170342014, 2017
  2. Production of biofuels with novel salts impregnated tire-derived carbon catalysts.” Mariappan Paranthaman, Amit K. Naskar, Abdou Lachgar, Younan Xia, Zachary David Hood, Shiba P. Adhikari, US Patent # 20180369791A1