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Stephen T. Pratt

Stephen T. Pratt

Department Head/Sr. Chemist

Stephen Pratt is a senior chemist, and a department head and group leader within the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory.


The Gas-Phase Chemical Dynamics Group that he leads is primarily focused on developing the foundations for predictive models of combustion chemistry. The group currently includes 12 staff scientists and a complement of postdoctoral fellows, part-time employees, students, and visitors. A significant aspect of this group is the strong interactions between theoretical and experimental efforts.

Dr. Pratt started at Argonne as a postdoctoral appointee. Then he became an assistant chemist and a chemist. Currently, he is a senior chemist, group leader of the Gas-Phase Chemical Dynamics Group, and Division Theme Leader for Fundamental Interactions.

Dr. Pratt has written approximately 150 refereed journal articles, with a focus on experimental studies of the photodissociation and photoionization dynamics of small molecules.

He has a PhD, MPhil, and MS in Chemistry from Yale University and a BA in Chemistry from Bennington College.