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Wanming Liu

Electrical Engineer

Wanming Liu is an Electrical Engineer who works for the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Group.


Wanming Liu designed a few dielectric loaded accelerator structures in the early days and then spent few years on ILC positron source studies.  As an electrical engineer, he has designed and programmed the AWA control system,  redesigned and rebuilt the AWA interlock system when the facility evolved.  He also designed, built and integrated the latest AWA RF modulators. 

As a member of AWA group, Wanming Liu is responsible for  

  • Hardware integration of the control and data acquisition system of AWA beamline  
  • Software developing and maintainance for AWA control and data acquisition system 

As a member of international collaboration on positron source for linear collider, he did systematic studies on the undulator based positron source for ILC (International Linear Collider) including  

  • Start to end simulations 
  • Conversion target studies 
  • Flux concentrator studies 
  • Beamline lattice design and optimizations.