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Yitan Zhu

Computational Scientist


Dr. Yitan Zhu is a Computational Scientist in the Data Science and Learning Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Zhu has more than 15-year experience of developing and applying machine learning and statistical methods for analyzing various biomedical data, such as genomics, images, drug screening data, and patient health records. Before joining Argonne, he has worked for drug research company and hospital research organization. Dr. Zhu’s research outcomes have been published in top journals, including Nature Methods, Journal of National Cancer Institute, Bioinformatics, Radiology, and others.

Research Interests

  1. Machine learning, deep learning, statistical modeling, signal processing, image analysis, data visualization
  2. Bioinformatics, system biology, cancer genomics, imaging-genomics
  3. Precision oncology, drug development, drug efficacy and toxicity prediction, drug screening experiment design
  4. Medical informatics, computational prediction of disease diagnosis and prognosis