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Yoichi Momozaki

Principal Nuclear Engineer


Yoichi Momozaki (Momo) is a Nuclear Engineer in Argonne’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Division.  He has always been interested in the energy-related engineering under extreme environments, particularly in the subjects related to energy conversion, heat management, and thermo-hydraulics. The majority of his recent professional experiences are in the experimental liquid-metal related technologies for applications of alkali metals, such as sodium and lithium in nuclear physics, nuclear engineering, material science, and medical areas.  He is also currently supporting Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University as a part time appointee to help develop the lithium charge striper technology, originally conceived and demonstrated at Argonne.  He holds a private glider pilot license as well as a glider flight instructor certificate, hence some of his engineering philosophy such as for design, safety, and operation principle is greatly influenced by aviation philosophy. 

He has obtained a Ph.D. in engineering from University of New Mexico in 2003 after he finished his prior education at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, and Tokai High School in Japan.