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Zhonghou Cai



Dr. Zhonghou Cai is a physicist in the X-Ray Science Division (XSD) at Argonne National Laboratory. He holds a PhD (1991) in Chemistry from the University of Chicago and Master’s (1984) and Bachelor’s (1982) degrees in Chemistry from Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Dr. Cai’s research interests include X-ray microdiffraction and microspectroscopy imaging of crystallographic phase, chemical and phase composition, and microstructure of materials; structure and property relations of materials, particularly in the areas of corrosion resistance and energy efficiency; applications of microdiffraction and microfluorescence techniques in device materials, microelectronic devices, materials under extremely high pressure, condensed matter physics, electrochemistry, and individual nanoscale materials; and new developments of X-ray microscopy instrumentation. He is also interested in multivariate imaging data analysis.

Dr. Cai is currently leading the X-ray microdiffraction program in the X-Ray Microscopy Group in XSD. He developed APS 150-nm microprobe (1996), a dedicated X-ray microdiffraction instrument (2001), and related hard X-ray micro-XRD and micro-XRF at 2-ID-D. He developed a broad range of micro-XRD and micro-XRF applications in scientific areas covering materials sciences, physics, and chemistry. He also developed instrument and performed APS first beam diagnostics (1995). He has published over 190 papers in the scientific literature.