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Environmental Impact Assessment

Below is a comprehensive list of articles, events, projects, references and research related content that is specific to the term described above. Use the filter to narrow the results further. To explore additional science and technology topics that Argonne researchers and engineers may be working on please visit our Research Index.

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  • Natural Resource Systems

    Our scientists prepare environmental impact statements to help the nation create a framework for developing renewable energy capabilities on public lands.
  • Visual Impacts of Energy Facilities

    Potential visual effects of utility-scale energy facilities on the nation’s scenic, cultural, and historic resources have become a factor in slowing or halting energy and electric transmission projects.
  • Aquatic Nuisance Species Transfer

    EVS is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate the risks that aquatic nuisance species, such as Asian carp, will move between the two basins through aquatic pathways.
  • Lynn M. Gierek

    Archaeologist/Cultural Resources Specialist/Environmental Consultant
  • Mark A. Grippo

    Mark Grippo is an ecologist in the Environmental Science Division experienced in environmental studies and assessments, evaluating the ecological impacts of energy projects, and conducting ecological risk assessments.