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Jim Kuiper

Principal Geospatial Engineer


Education: M.S., Biometrics, and Certificate of Remote Sensing, University of Michigan, 1986
Current Role: Principal Geospatial Engineer, Environmental Software and Data Management Department
Geographic information systems, including technical coordination and development of web-based mapping applications with analytical and modeling capabilities; planning and leadership of geospatial projects; development of geospatial models, analysis methods, and databases; coding of analytical functions; statistical analysis; application of these skills to energy corridor and energy zone planning, electrical vehicle charging station location modeling, equity analysis, climate change, environmental impact assessment, environmental risk, and emergency planning.
Career Highlights
Technical leader: Energy Zones Mapping Tool, West-wide Energy Corridor Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement and subsequent energy corridor projects and analyses, Interactive Renewable Energy Atlas, Western Interconnection Environmental Risk Calculator, Trans-Alaska Pipeline Lease Renewal project, and many others. Over 30 years of geospatial science experience at Argonne, with 4 years in prior positions.
Lead developer: Geospatial Analysis Tool Kit for Regional Climate Datasets (GATOR) and Special Population Planner (SPP) emergency planning software.
Awards: Director’s Award, Pacesetter Award, Two Impact Argonne Awards, DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Distinguished Service Award.