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Lynn M. Gierek

Environmental Science and Engineering 2

Archaeologist/Cultural Resources Specialist/Environmental Consultant


Archaeologist/Cultural Resource Specialist/Environmental Consultant: Accomplished in cultural resource management and environmental assessment. Responsibilities include conducting a variety of cultural resource management projects, including archaeological surveys, historic building inventories, community outreach, and historical research pertaining to cultural and heritage resources as well as environmental assessment projects.

  • Archaeologist: Conducts archaeological and cultural resources surveys, investigations, and evaluations for agency review. Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA).
  • Cultural Resources Specialist: Conducts National Historic Preservation Act consultation; historical research; and historic building inventories and evaluations. Conducted Tribal consultation and National Environmental Policy Act assessments.
  • Environmental Scientist and Project Manager: Managed and completed hundreds of environmental assessments and environmental permitting projects for the oil and gas, renewable energy, and industrial/commercial sectors as well as federal, state and local agencies; subject matter expert for asbestos and lead-based paint assessments.