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The Argonne Accelerator Institute (AAI) offers a wide range of capabilities designed to enhance the study and practice of accelerator initiatives. From Accelerator Design and Simulation to Accelerator Test Facilities, the AAI combines Argonne’s extensive accelerator resources and talent to deliver dynamic results.

Research Capability

Superconducting RF

The accelerator development group operates and maintains a facility for testing accelerator devices.

Research Capability

Superconducting Undulators

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source, a U.S. Department of Energy User Facility, have engineered the development of NbTi-superconductor based superconducting undulators, or SCUs.

Research Capability

Isotope Production

Researchers have developed a unique method for cost-effective, high-yield production of radioisotopes used for medical, national security, basic science, and industrial applications.