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Argonne ACT-SO High School Research Program

Mentoring students in their research

The Argonne ACT-SO High School Research Program (ARP) provides mentors and facilities to help students prepare their research for competition.


ARP’s mission is to partner Ph.D. and/or other graduate level Argonne researchers with highly motivated African-American high school students to perform imaginative research with a high level of rigor in a safe manner in hopes of encouraging these bright young innovators to pursue a career in STEM.

This Argonne STEM enrichment volunteer-based program was designed to provide real world research experiences that capture the imagination of inquisitive African-American high school students in hopes of inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM. Since its launch in 2013, ARP has helped over 50 students pursue research projects and connect with leading scientists and engineers at Argonne. ARP students have advanced in regional and national competitions every year; seven have gone on to win gold, silver or bronze medals at the national level.

The 9-month program is a collaboration between the Argonne African American ERG and the DuPage County ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological & Scientific Olympics), a 9th–12th grade high school enrichment program hosted by the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Learn more at https://​dupage​act​so​.wildapri​cot​.org/


Argonne ACT-SO High School Research Program (ARP)

ARP meets monthly during the academic year. Each student meets with an Argonne mentor who leads and engages in their independent research project.

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