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Human Resources Division

Leave and Time Off

Everyone deserves time off to unplug, relax, rejuvenate or handle matters

Argonne offers excellent leave and time-off benefits to eligible employees that include sick leave, holidays, vacation, and parental leave.

Vacation Time: Employees accrue vacation time based on their years of service according to the following schedule:

  • Years 1 through 5, 15 days/120 hours
  • Years 6 through 10, 18 days/144 hours
  • Years 11 through 15, 21 days/168 hours
  • Years 16 and above, 24 days/192 hours

Holidays: Employees receive 10 paid holidays per year, including one floating holiday to be used at the employee’s discretion.

Family and Personal Sick Days: Employees receive 18 paid sick days at the start of employment and accrue 18 days each January. The accrual maximum is 130 days (six months). Family friendly sick leave allows use of up to 10 days annually.

Family and Medical Leave: Employees are allowed to take up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave for serious illness based on federal law.

Military Leave: Employees called to active or reservist duty are granted a military leave of absence of up to 180 days. Upon return from military leave, employees are restored to their position of employment before they left. 

Personal, Sabbatical and Entrepreneurial Leave: Eligible employees may request a personal, sabbatical or entrepreneurial leave to pursue personal interests, outside professional interests or entrepreneurial activities. Leaves will be approved at the sole discretion of division management. All leaves of this nature will be unpaid. Reinstatement to position of employment prior to leave is not guaranteed.

Parental Leave: Parental leave is available for both primary and secondary caregivers and to all parents, including biological and adoptive parents, to care for and bond with their new child. Up to six weeks of paid leave is provided for the child’s primary caregiver and up to one week of paid leave is provided for the child’s secondary caregiver. In addition to six weeks of paid leave for the primary caregiver, employees can also use existing lab policies to help cover leave time: accrued paid sick leave with physician certification, accrued paid vacation, paid family-friendly sick leave (up to 10 days of accrued sick time for care of a family member) and unpaid leave of absence.

Additional Leave Benefits: Additional leave benefits include Bereavement, Domestic Violence, Jury Duty and School Visitation.