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Human Resources

Employee Life

Life at Argonne is more than your day-to-day work

Argonne knows that achieving a positive work-life balance means taking time for yourself.

On-Site Conveniences

Because working at Argonne will be a major part of your life, the lab recognizes that providing a broad range of services can assist you in making your work day the most productive it can be. Knowing that other important parts of your life are taken care of will help you achieve a positive work-life balance and help your career flourish. On-site conveniences include: 

Networking Opportunities

Every day there are activities ranging from talks to town halls and more. Participating on campus gives you the option of networking with colleagues and becoming part of a diverse community of fellow scientists, engineers and support staff who enjoy working together and playing together. And because life at Argonne is more than your day-to-day work, there are social, wellness, sports and outreach opportunities to fill out your life — and often your family can be included.