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Human Resources

Mentoring for Postdocs

As one of the largest laboratories in the nation for science and engineering research, Argonne National Laboratory is home to some of the most prolific and well-renowned scientists and engineers.

To maintain an environment that fosters innovative research, we are committed to ensuring the success of our major players on the frontlines of our research — our postdoctoral scientists.

The Argonne National Laboratory has a long-standing reputation as a place that offers postdoctoral researchers opportunities:

  • To perform in a rich science and technology environment
  • To present and publish research
  • To contribute to the overall research efforts of the Laboratory
  • To advance knowledge in the areas of basic and applied research
  • To strengthen our national scientific and technical capabilities.

Postdoctoral appointments at Argonne and elsewhere are temporary by design. These appointments are meant to be a periods of enrichment that allow young professionals the opportunity to build their skills and work towards achieving long-term career goals. Since the postdoctoral scientists here at Argonne make major contributions to the bulk of the Laboratory’s work, it is beneficial for all that their tenure at the Lab be as productive and rewarding as possible. In turn, it is the Lab’s responsibility to ensure that our postdocs are successful in the next phase of their careers. The Lab-wide postdoc mentoring program was implemented to help fulfill this goal.