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Dominik A. Karbowski

Technical Manager, Intelligent Eco-Mobility


Dominik Karbowski is a principal research engineer at Argonne’s Center for Transportation Research. Dominik’s research focuses on making cars, trucks, and the transportation network more energy efficient, through a combination of vehicle electrification, optimal control, connectivity and automation. He has been the principal investigator for a broad range of studies involving advanced powertrain optimization and energy management optimization for electric, hybrid-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Dominik has extensive experience in automotive systems modelling and simulation, control theory, energy management, powertrain design and optimization, and stochastic characterization of real-world  driving.

Dominik has presented much of his public work at major industry conferences, and has conducted studies for major OEMs, as well as for the National Academies.

Dominik also develops advanced controllers, component models and simulation processes for Autonomie, Argonne’s modeling environment for automotive systems design, currently used by hundreds of engineers and researchers throughout the world.

Dominik holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Mines ParisTech, one of the top engineering school (Grande École) in France.