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Dominik A. Karbowski

Technical Manager, Intelligent Vehicle Control & Electric Aviation

Making cars, trucks and aircrafts more intelligent and more energy-efficient


Dominik Karbowski is the Manager of the Intelligent Vehicle Controls & Low-Carbon Aviation Team, within the Vehicle and Mobility Simulation Group. He leads Argonne’s effort to improve vehicle energy efficiency through control, data science, connectivity and automation, and using advanced systems simulation research.

His research interests include:

  • Energy-focused controls for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs): make CAVs save energy by better control of their speed (eco-driving) and their powertrain using information received from sensors and V2X communications.
  • Intelligent energy management and powertrain control: optimize the powertrain operations and the energy flows within the vehicle by using prediction of future driving conditions.
  • Driver behavior: model future vehicle speed using a combination of machine-learning, stochastic processes and optimal control theory.
  • Real-world driving data analytics: make sense of large-scale recordings of real-world driving and use it to create better models of vehicles, controls and drivers. 
  • Advanced powertrains: electric vehicles, hybrid-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, etc.
  • Aircraft systems optimization: finding the optimal tradeoffs between energy consumption, range, endurance, payload, and mission performance, for planes and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Dominik is a major developer of simulation tools for transportation energy-efficient vehicle research. Dominik has made significant contributions to Autonomie, Argonne’s road vehicle energy consumption tool, and has invented several software to support his research:

  • SVTRIP: Stochastic vehicle trip profile generation.
  • RoadRunner: Simulation of powertrain and longitudinal dynamics for energy-efficient CAV research.
  • Aeronomie: Dynamic aircraft simulation for energy and mission performance.

Dominik holds a master of science in engineering from Mines Paris - PSL (France).