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Fulya Dogan Key



Fulya Dogan is a staff scientist in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Her main research interests are applications of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance to materials of relevance to energy storage and catalysis. Dr. Dogan has expertise in qualitative and quantitative NMR methodologies to understand a materials local structure and chemical activity relationships and investigation of surface, interface and bulk chemistries. Within the last five years Dr. Dogan has been a characterization lead in DOE’s two Deep Dive programs; Voltage Fade” and High Energy High Voltage Cathodes” developing an understanding of lithium ion cathodes via isotopic enrichment, including key studies of structural and electrochemical degradation of high-energy cathodes and applications of paramagnetic NMR techniques to study the role of cathode dopants and coatings for lithium ion batteries.