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Julia Neumann

Postdoctoral Appointee


Dr. Julia Neumann is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Interfacial Processes Group in the Chemical Science and Engineering Division. Her research focuses on structural investigations of processes at the mineral/water interface using surface-specific techniques such as X-ray reflectivity (XR) and in situ AFM.

Professional Positions:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory (2022 - today)
  • Doctoral Researcher, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Ressource Ecology (2018-2021)


  • Dr. rer. nat. in Radiochemistry, Technical University Dresden in collaboration with Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany (2021)
  • M.Sc. in Chemistry, Major: Radiochemistry, Technical University Dresden, Germany (2016)
  • B.Sc. in Chemistry, Major: Physical Chemistry, Technical University Dresden, Germany (2014)


  • Neumann, J., Lee, S.S, Zhao, E.J., Fenter, P., Direct Experimental Observations of ion Distributions during Overcharging at the Muscovite-Water Interface by Adsorption of Rb+ and Halides (Cl-, Br-, I-) at High Salinity, ChemPhysChem, in print, DOI: 10.1002/cphc.202300545.
  • Neumann, J., Lessing, J., Lee, S. S., Stubbs, J. E., Eng, P. J., Demnitz, M., Fenter, P., & Schmidt, M. (2023). Y(III) Sorption at the Orthoclase (001) Surface Measured by X-Ray Reflectivity. Environ. Sci. Technol., 57 (1), 266–276.1)
  • Bezzina, J., Neumann, J., Brendler, V., Schmidt, M. (2022) Combining batch experiments and spectroscopy for realistic surface complexation modelling of the sorption of americium, curium, and europium onto muscovite. Water Res. 223, 119032.
  • Demnitz, M. Schymura, S., Neumann, J., Schmidt, M., Schäfer, T., Stumpf, T., Müller, K. (2022) Mechanistic Understanding of Curium(III) Sorption on Natural K-Feldspar Surfaces. Sci. Total Environ. 843, 156920.
  • Neumann, J., Lee, S. S., Brinkmann, H., Eng, P. J., Stubbs, J. E., Stumpf, T., & Schmidt, M. (2022). Impact of Ion–Ion Correlations on the Adsorption of M(III) (M = Am, Eu, Y) onto Muscovite (001) in the Presence of Sulfate. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126(3), 1400–1410.
  • Neumann, J., Qiu, C., Eng, P., Skanthakumar, S., Soderholm, L., Stumpf, T., & Schmidt, M. (2021). Effect of Background Electrolyte Composition on the Interfacial Formation of Th(IV) Nanoparticles on the Muscovite (001) Basal Plane. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(30), 16524–16535.
  • Neumann, J., Brinkmann, H., Britz, S., Lützenkirchen, J., Bok, F., Stockmann, M., Brendler, V., Stumpf, T., & Schmidt, M. (2021). A comprehensive study of the sorption mechanism and thermodynamics of f-element sorption onto K-feldspar. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 591, 490–499.