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Pam Richmond

Project Manager Internet Communications

Pam Richmond designs and develops web sites, e-learning, and media to provide web-based technology solutions in the areas of environmental remediation, environmental assessments and impact statements, resource management, and decision support.



M.S., Computer Information Systems, University of Phoenix, 2004.


  • Information architecture, relational database management, client-side/server-side scripting, web site accessibility, user experience and instructional design, graphic interface development.
  • Multimedia presentations for environmental projects; online training for evaluating radiological dose assessments in nuclear reactor license terminations.
  • Web and software developer: 30+ web sites and software systems related to public involvement in environmental policy, infrastructure assurance, renewable energy, environmental security threat monitoring, visual impact studies, and environmental remediation.
  • Project manager: Oversight of web-based projects and tools; requirements manager for chemical security assessment tool; public outreach, online survey, and risk assessment data collection for studies of aquatic nuisance species transfer between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins.