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Previous Argonne Climate Workshops

Two previous Argonne-hosted climate modeling and climate resilience workshops serve as predecessors of 2021’s America Resilient virtual climate conference.

2019 Argonne Climate Risk and Resilience Workshop

In July 2019, Argonne brought 20 representatives from energy industries, agriculture, and city governments together with 15 climate change and risk researchers from across the Midwest to discuss how best to assess climate risks to infrastructure in the region. The goal of the workshop was to help stakeholders in industry, agriculture, and government understand how to best manage the risks to their infrastructure from a changing climate, and to help climate researchers understand what specific information from their models is most helpful to companies and communities. The workshop identified many specific hazards posed to infrastructure and communities in the Midwest, and discussed the path to developing a community accepted standard of information for use in effective climate change planning.

2019 Climate Workshop on Urban Scale Processes

In May 2019, Argonne hosted the Workshop on Urban Scale Processes and their Representation in High Spatial Resolution Earth System Models. This event brought together 65 international climate researchers from federal agencies, universities, national laboratories, and other organizations for a two-and-a-half day long intensive session at Argonne in Lemont, Illinois. The focus of the workshop was on developing a roadmap to ensure that Earth system models represent the effects of urban areas on climate, and the effects of a changing climate on urban areas. Participants also surveyed existing datasets, discussed emerging smart-city sensing technologies and their possible use in model development, and reviewed the status of very-high-resolution versions of regional and global climate models.