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Transportation and Power Systems

Specifications and Test Procedures

Standards and test procedures used to validate performance of EVs and charging devices

Argonne’s efforts are directed towards enabling harmonized electric vehicle (EV) charging device specifications and common test procedures by providing technical expertise to industry for coupler designs, charger hardware solutions, and grid communication protocol validation.  Argonne actively participates in majority of relevant Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) committees, chairing several key standards topics, as well as serving as a liaison to major standards organizations in these areas of expertise. Our efforts to ensure EV–grid connectivity include: 

  • Verification of standards in EV-grid communication field trial testing
  • Development of gateway Smart Energy Profile software solutions for direct current (DC) and utility interactive charging
  • Implementation of electricity sub-metering use test cases in hardware/software prototypes

The EV–Smart Grid Interoperability Center at Argonne National Laboratory provides an ideal facility for industry-government cooperation to enable joint development of EV charging hardware and software specifications and test procedures to facilitate universal connectivity between EVs and the electric charging infrastructure with the utility grid. The Interoperability Center facilitates the following activities: 

  • Supporting SAE J2953 Interoperability Verification Testing
  • Demonstrating integration of the EV, charging equip. (alternating current [AC]/DC/wireless) and grid for seamless customer use
  • Ensuring interoperability of the various system components with verification
  • Characterization of safety, performance, and communication to support requirements and standards verification

These activities enable EV connection and communication to ensure charging of any EV, anywhere – anytime.