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Novel Nanocarbon Materials

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  • Ultrananocrystalline Diamond and Graphene Films
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    Ultrananocrystalline Diamond
    Technology that covers a suite of critical semiconductor processes, formation of circuit elements to create complex circuits, and the integration of electronic circuits that are built on a single semiconductor base material or single chip that could revolutionize the electronics industry and creating more durable and efficient products. More

    Graphene Films
    Suite of one-atom-thick graphene materials that drastically reduce the wear rate and the coefficient of friction (COF) of steel. Estimated reduced loss of energy to friction offered by new materials would yield a potential energy savings of 2.46 billion kilowatt-hours per year, equivalent to 1.5 million barrels of oil. More


  • Slippery when dry

    Anyone who has ever taken their car in for an oil change recognizes the importance of reducing the friction that arises when steel touches steel.
    graphene-encapsulated diamond ball bearings
  • A method for coating a dielectric substrate with a R-GO film includes positioning the dielectric substrate in a chamber which is purged with a first gas to adjust a pressure of the chamber to a first pressure
    Intellectual Property Available to License
    US Patent 10,351,429 B2
    • Direct Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide Films on Dielectric Substrates (ANL-IN-14-110)

    A second gas at a second flow rate and a third gas at a third flow rate is inserted into the chamber to increase the chamber pressure to a second pressure greater than the first pressure. A chamber temperature is increased to a first temperature. The flow of the second gas and the third gas is stopped. The chamber is purged to a third pressure higher than the first pressure and lower than the second pressure. The pressure of the chamber is set at a fourth pressure greater than the first pressure and the third pressure. A fourth gas is inserted into the chamber at a fourth flow rate for a first time.


    • Optically transparent, CVD deposition of reduced graphene oxide film directly on the glass substrate 
    • Wafer-scale synthesis in few mins 
    • Pin-hole free deposition 
    • Moderate sheet resistance at lower thickness 
    • High thermal conductivity than Tin Oxide 
  • A system and method for forming at least one of graphene and graphene oxide on a substrate and an opposed wear member.
    Intellectual Property Available to License
    US Patent 9,890,345
    • Superlubricating Graphene and Graphene Oxide Films (ANL-IN-11-056)

    The system includes graphene and graphene oxide formed by an exfoliation process or solution processing method to dispose graphene and/or graphene oxide onto a Substrate. The system further includes an opposing wear member disposed on another Substrate and a gas atmosphere of an inert gas like N2, ambient, a humid atmosphere and a water Solution.


    • Easy to apply using spray process in air 
    • Easily scalable to large area 
    • Cost effective, eliminates hazardous waste 
    • Virtually eliminates friction and wear 
    • Works in dry and humid environment 


  • Nanotechnology moves from the clean room to the classroom

    For years, scientists have been creating and tweaking extremely tiny materials atom by atom in special clean rooms scrubbed of debris. Students needed a Ph.D. to join the club and study those tiny materials in a field known as nanoscience.
    Electron microscope image of a freshly grown batch of nanowires using the NextGen STEM Kit’s star-shaped mold