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Argonne National Laboratory

75th Anniversary

2021 was a year-long celebration of Argonne’s past, present and future at the forefront of scientific discovery and technological innovation.

Argonne National Laboratory was founded in 1946 to harness the power of nuclear reactions for peaceful energy purposes. By 2021 Argonne had grown into one of the country’s largest science laboratories, with thousands of employees working with partners in industry and academia to tackle pressing challenges in science, energy, climate, health and medicine, and national security.

Argonne celebrated its milestone 75th anniversary throughout 2021. A series of virtual events, stories, videos, audio and multimedia features, and acts of kindness in our communities marked our celebration of 75 years of accelerating science and technology for U.S. prosperity and security.

Follow the links on this page to learn more about Argonne’s past, present and future as recorded in 2021 on the occasion of the Lab’s diamond anniversary.


Past Events (recordings)