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Argonne National Laboratory

75th Anniversary

Celebrating the Lab’s past, present and future at the forefront of scientific discovery and technological innovation.

Seventy-five years ago, Argonne National Laboratory was founded to harness the power of nuclear reactions for peaceful energy purposes. Since then, Argonne has grown into one of the country’s largest science laboratories, with thousands of employees working with partners in industry and academia to tackle pressing challenges in science, energy, the environment, and national security.

Today our pivotal science and technology discoveries accelerate U.S. prosperity and security. Thousands of scientists from around the world use our powerful, large-scale scientific facilities every year to drive their research. Our science education, outreach and training programs help equip the next generation of scientists and engineers to take on the technical challenges of the future. We partner with industry, academia, other research laboratories and government agencies to solve the most complex problems, from developing technology for quantum communications to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the next 75 years, Argonne will continue to drive the discoveries and innovations that will define our future world. We will build on our history as a lab dedicated to addressing both fundamental and applied scientific challenges to provide cleaner energy, better health, added security, new technologies, and a deeper understanding of the universe and its laws.

We will celebrate our milestone anniversary throughout the year with events, stories, social media posts, and more. Check this page or follow Argonne on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram for updates.

In the meantime, you can read a short overview of Argonne’s 75-year history, learn how our science and technology research changes the world (including in your U.S. state), and check out the latest news from our lab.