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BIO 2013 Publications

Chae, P; Wander, Marc; Cho, Kwang Hwan; Liable, P; Gellman, SCarbohydrate-containing Triton X-100 analogues for membrane protein solubilization and stabilization Molecular BioSystems (2013)

Pokkuluri, Phani; Dwulit-Smith, Jeffrey; Duke, Norma; Wilton, R; Mack, Jamey; Bearden, Jessica; Rakowski, Ella-Marie; Babnigg, Gyorgy; Szurmant, H; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Schiffer, MarianneAnalysis of Periplasmic Sensor Domains from Anaeromyxobacter Dehalogenans 2CP-C: Structure of one Sensor Domain from a Histidine Kinase and another from a Chemotaxis Protein MicrobiologyOpen (2013)