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BIO 2021 Publications

Zhang, Limin; Chen, Yu; Xia, Qingyin; Kemner, Kenneth; Shen, Yanghao; OLoughlin, Edward; Pan, Zezhen; Wang, Qihuang; Wang, Zimeng; Huang, Ying ; Dong, Hailiang; Boyanov, Maxim Combined Effects of Fe(III)-bearing Clay Minerals and Organic Ligands on U(VI) Bioreduction and U(IV) Speciation Environmental Science and Technology (2021)

Flynn, Theodore; Antonopoulos, Dionysios; Skinner, Kelly; Brulc, Jennifer; Johnston, Eric; Boyanov, Maxim; Kwon, Man Jae; Kemner, Kenneth; OLoughlin, Edward Biogeochemical dynamics and microbial community development under sulfate- and iron-reducing conditions based on electron shuttle amendment Plos One (2021)

Ham, Baknoon ; Kwon, Jang-soon ; Boyanov, Maxim; OLoughlin, Edward; Kemner, Kenneth; Kwon, Man Jae Geochemical and microbial characteristics of seepage water and mineral precipitates in a radwaste disposal facility impacted by seawater intrusion and high alkalinity Journal of Environmental Management (2021)

OLoughlin, Edward; Boyanov, Maxim; Kemner, Kenneth Reduction of Vanadium(V) by Iron(II)-Bearing Minerals Minerals (2021)

Paper, Janet; Flynn, Theodore; Boyanov, Maxim; Kemner, Kenneth; Haller, Ben; Crank, Kathleen ; Lower, Anne Marie ; Jin, Qusheng ; Kirk, Matthew Influences of pH and substrate supply on the ratio of iron to sulfate reduction Geobiology (2021)

Park, Soo-Chan; Boyanov, Maxim ; Kemner, Kenneth; OLoughlin, Edward; Kwon, Man Jae Distribution and speciation of Sb and toxic metal(loids)s near an antimony refinery and their effects on indigenous microorganisms Journal of Hazardous Materials (2021)

Johnson, Clayton; Antonopoulos, Dionysios; Boyanov, Maxim; Flynn, Theodore; Koval, Jason; Kemner, Kenneth; OLoughlin, Edward Reduction of Sb(V) by coupled biotic-abiotic processes under sulfidogenic conditions Heliyon (2021)

OLoughlin, Edward; Boyanov, Maxim; Gorski, Christopher ; Michelle, Scherer; Kemner, Kenneth Effects of Fe(III) oxide mineralogy and phosphate on Fe(II) secondary mineral formation during microbial iron reduction Minerals (2021)

Goff, Jennifer ; Wang, Yuwei; Boyanov, Maxim; Yu, Qiang; Kemner, Kenneth; Fein, Jeremy; Yee, Nathan Tellurite Adsorption onto Bacterial Surfaces Environmental Science and Technology (2021)

Kaplan, Daniel I. ; Smith, Ronald; Parker, Connor J.; Baker, Matthew ; Cabrera, Tristan ; Ferguson, Brennan O.; Kemner, Kenneth; Laird, Michael; Logan, Christina ; Lott, Jeffry Uranium Attenuated by a Wetland 50 Years after Release into a Stream ACS Earth and Space Chemistry (2021)

Lee, Sunhui; OLoughlin, Edward; Kwon, Man Jae Impact of organic acids and sulfate on the biogeochemical properties of soil from urban subsurface environments Journal of Environmental Management (2021)

Goff, Jennifer ; Boyanov, Maxim; Kemner, Kenneth; Yee, Nathan The role of cysteine in tellurate reduction and toxicity Biometals (2021)

Shibata, Takeo ; Nakagawa, Mayumi; Coleman, Hannah; Owens, Sarah; Greenfield, William ; Sasagawa, Toshiyuki; Robeson, Michael Evaluation of DNA extraction protocols from liquid-based cytology specimens for studying cervical microbiota PLOS ONE (2021)

Miyoshi, Jun; Lee, Sonny; Kennedy, Megan; Puertolas, Mora; Frith, Mary; Koval, Jason; Miyoshi, Sawako; Antonopoulos, Dionysios; Leone, Vanessa; Chang, Eugene Metagenomic alterations in gut microbiota precede and predict onset of colitis in the IL10 gene-deficient murine model Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology (2021)