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BIO 2015 Publications

Michalska, Karolina; Tan, Kemin; Chang, Changsoo; Li, Hui; Hatzos - Skintges, Catherine; Molitsky, Michael; Alkire, Randy; Joachimiak, Andrzej In situ X-ray data collection and structure phasing of protein crystals at Structural Biology Center 19-IDJournal of Synchrotron Radiation(2015) 

Kirk, Matthew; Wilson, Brien; Marquart, Kyle; Zeglin, Lydia; Vinson, David; Flynn, Theodore Solute Concentrations Influence Microbial Methanogenesis in Coal-bearing Strata of the Cherokee Basin, USAFrontiers in microbiology(2015) 

Rudolf, Jeffey; Bigelow, Lance; Chang, Changsoo; Cuff, Marianne; Lohman, Jeremy; Chang, Chin-Yuan; Ma, Ming; Yang, Dong; Clancy, Shonda; Babnigg, Gyorgy; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Phillips, George; Shen, B Crystal Structure of the Zorbamycin-Binding Protein ZbmA, the Primary Self-Resistance Element in Streptomyces flavoviridis ATCC21892Biochemistry(2015) 

Lin, Xueju ; Handley, Kim; Gilbert, Jack; Kostka, Joel Metabolic potential of fatty acid oxidation and anaerobic respiration by abundant members of Thaumarchaeota and Thermoplasmata in deep anoxic peatISME Journal(2015) 

Shim, Moo Joon ; Choi, Byoung Young; Lee, Giehyeon; Hwang, Yun Ho; Yang, Jung-Seok; O'Loughlin, Edward; Kwon, Man Jae Water quality changes in acid mine drainage streams in Gangneung, Korea, 10 years after treatment with limestoneJournal of Geochemical Exploration(2015) 

Wu, Dalei; Potluri, Nalini; Lu, Jingping; Kim, Youngchang; Rastinejad, Fraydoon Structural integration in hypoxia-inducible factorsNature(2015) 

Lohman, Jeremy; Ma, Ming; Osipiuk, Jerzy; Nocek, Boguslaw; Kim, Youngchang; Chang, Changsoo; Cuff, Marianne; Mack, Jamey; Bigelow, Lance; Li, Hui; Endres, Michael; Babnigg, Gyorgy; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Phillips, George; Shen, B Structural and evolutionary relationships of "AT-less" type I polyketide synthase ketosynthasesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America(2015)

Chen, Xueijing; Velmurugu, Yogambigai; Zheng, Guanqun; Park, Beomseok; Shim, Yoonjung; Kim, Youngchang; Liu, Lili; Van Houten, Bennett; He, Chaun; Ansari, Anjum; Min, Jung-Hyun Kinetic gating mechanism of DNA damage recognition by Rad4/XPCNature Communications(2015) 

Filippova, Ekaterina; Weigand, Steven; Osipiuk, Jerzy; Kiryukhina, Olga; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Anderson, Wayne Substrate-Induced Allosteric Change in the Quaternary Structure of the Spermidine N-Acetyltransferase SpeGJournal of Molecular Biology(2015) 

Fuller, M; Priyadarshini, M; Gibbons, SM; Angueira, AR; Brodsky, M; Hayes, M; Kovatcheva-Datchary, P; Backhed, F; Gilbert, Jack; Lowe, WL; Layden, BT The Short Chain Fatty Acid Receptor, FFA2, contributes to gestational glucose homeostasis American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism(2015) 

Dantas, Joana M; Kokhan, Oleksandr; Pokkuluri, P. Raj; Salgueiro, Carlos Molecular interaction studies revealed the bifunctional behavior of triheme cytochrome PpcA from Geobacter sulfurreducens toward the redox active analog of humic substancesBiochimica et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetics(2015) 

Dantas, Joana; Campelo, Luisa; Duke, Norma; Salgueiro, Carlos; Pokkuluri, P. Raj The structure of PccH from Geobactersulfurreducens-a novel low reduction potential monoheme cytochrome essential for accepting electrons from an electrodeFEBS Journal(2015) 

Ying, Shi; Zeng, Dan-Ning; Chi, Liang; Tan, Yuan; Galzote, Carlos; Cardona, Cesar; Lax, Simon; Gilbert, Jack; Quan, Zhe-Xue The Influence of Age and Gender on Skin-Associated Microbial Communities in Urban and Rural Human PopulationsPLOS ONE(2015) 

Hammerstrom, Troy; Lori, Horton; Swick, Michelle; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Osipiuk, Jerzy; Koehler, Theresa Crystal structure of Bacillus anthracis virulence regulator AtxA and effects of phosphorylated histidines on multimerization and activityMolecular Microbiology(2015) 

Green, Keith; Biswas, Tapan; Chang, Changsoo; Wu, Ruiying; Chen, Wenjing; Janes, Brian; Chalupska, Dominika; Gornicki, Piotr; Hanna, Philip; Tsodikov, Oleg; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Garneau-Tsodikova, Sylvie Biochemical and structural analysis of an Eis family aminoglycoside acetyltransferase from bacillus anthracisBiochemistry(2015) 

Kim, Youngchang; Makowska-Grzyska, Magdalena; Gorla, Suresh; Gollapalli, Deviprasad; Cuny, Gregory; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Hedstrom, Lizbeth Structure of Cryptosporidium IMP dehydrogenase bound to an inhibitor with in vivo antiparasitic activityActa Crystallographica. Section F(2015) 

Filippova, Ekaterina; Kuhn, Misty; Osipiuk, Jerzy; Kiryukhina, Olga; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Ballicora, Miguel; Anderson, Wayne A Novel Polyamine Allosteric Site of SpeG from Vibrio cholerae Is Revealed by Its Dodecameric StructureJournal of Molecular Biology(2015) 

Szulik, Marta; Pallan, Pradeep; Nocek, Boguslaw; Voehler, Markus; Banerjee, Sarbajit; Brooks, Sonja; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Egli, Martin; Eichman, Brandt; Stone, Michael Differential Stabilities and Sequence-Dependent Base Pair Opening Dynamics of Watson-Crick Base Pairs with 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine, 5-Formylcytosine, or 5-CarboxylcytosineBiochemistry(2015) 

Larsen, Peter; Collart, Frank; Dai, Yang Predicting Ecological Roles in the Rhizosphere using Metabolome and Transportome ModelingPLOS ONE(2015) 

Wang, Hang; Li, Hongyi; Gilbert, Jack; Li, Haibo; Wu, Longhua; Liu, Meng; Wang, Liling; Zhou, Qiansheng; Yuan, Junxiang; Zhang, Zhijian Housefly Larva Vermicomposting Efficiently Attenuates Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Swine Manure, with Concomitant Bacterial Population ChangesApplied and Environmental Microbiology(2015) 

Yu, Hyun; Ziegelhoffer, Thomas; Osipiuk, Jerzy; Ciesielski, Szymon; Baranowski, Maciej; Zhou, Min; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Craig, Elizabeth Roles of Intramolecular and Intermolecular Interactions in Functional Regulation of the Hsp70 J-protein Co-Chaperone Sis1Journal of Molecular Biology(2015) 

Dantas, Joana; Campelo, Luisa; Duke, Norma; Salgueiro, Carlos; Pokkuluri, P. Raj The structure of PccH from Geobacter sulfurreducens: A novel low reduction potential monoheme cytochrome essential for accepting electrons from an electrodeFEBS Journal(2015) 

Handley, Kim; Wrighton, Kelly; Miller, Christopher; Wilkins, Michael; Kantor, Rose ; Thomas, Brian; Williams, Kenneth; Gilbert, Jack; Long, Phillip; Banfield, Jillian Disturbed subsurface microbial communities follow equivalent trajectories despite different structural starting pointsEnvironmental Microbiology(2015) 

O'Brien, Sarah; Jastrow, Julie; Gonzalez-Meler, Miquel; Grimley, David Edaphic controls on soil organic carbon stocks in restored grasslandsGeoderma(2015) 

Larsen, Peter; Dai, Yang Metabolome of human gut microbiome is predictive of host dysbiosisGigaScience(2015) 

Tan, Kemin; Johnson, Parker; Stols, Lucy; Boubion, Bryan; Eschenfeldt, William; Babnigg, Gyorgy; Hayes, Christopher; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Goulding, Celia The structure of a contact-dependent growth-inhibition (CDI) immunity protein from Neisseria meningitidis MC58Acta Crystallographica. Section F(2015) 

Chang, Changsoo; Tesar, Christine; Li, Xiaoqing; Kim, Youngchang; Rodionov, Dmitry; Joachimiak, Andrzej A novel transcriptional regulator of L-arabinose utilization in human gut bacteriaNucleic Acids Research(2015) 

Rosenbaum, Gerd; Ginell, Stephan; Chen, JC Energy optimization of a regular macromolecular crystallography beamline for ultra-high-resolution crystallographyJournal of Synchrotron Radiation(2015) 

Paul, Sangeeta; Aggarwal, Chetana; Thakur, Jyoti; Bandeppa, G.S.; Khan, Md. Aslam; Pearson, Lauren; Babnigg, Gyorgy; Giometti, Carol; Joachimiak, Andrzej Induction of Osmoadaptive Mechanisms and Modulation of Cellular Physiology Help Bacillus licheniformis Strain SSA 61 Adapt to Salt StressCurrent Microbiology(2015) 

Fan, Yao; Tan, Kemin; Chhor, Gekleng; Butler, Emily; Jedrzejczak, Robert; Missiakas, Dominique; Joachimiak, Andrzej EsxB, a secreted protein from Bacillus anthracis forms two distinct helical bundlesProtein Science(2015) 

Gerencsér, László; Boros, Bogáta; Derrien, Valerie; Hanson, Deborah; Wraight, Colin; Sebban, P; Maróti, Péter Stigmatellin Probes the Electrostatic Potential in the Q(B) Site of the Photosynthetic Reaction CenterBiophysical Journal(2015) 

Fan, Zhaosheng; Liang, Chao Significance of Microbial Asynchronous Anabolism to Soil Carbon DynamicsDdriven by Litter Inputs Scientific Reports(2015) 

Michalska, Karolina; Steen, Andrew; Chhor, Gekleng; Endres, Michael; Webber, Austen; Bird, Jordan; Lloyd, Karen; Joachimiak, Andrzej New aminopeptidase from “microbial dark matter” archaeonThe FASEB Journal(2015) 

Ping, C.L.; Jastrow, J.D.; Jorgenson, M.T.; Michaelson, G.J.; Shur, Y. Permafrost soils and carbon cyclingSOIL(2015) 

Fan, Zhaosheng; Neff, Jason; Hanan, Niall Modeling the pulsed soil respiration measured from an African savanna ecosystemAgricultural and Forest Meteorology(2015)