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Experimental Operations and Facilities

Facility Decommissioning Training Course Instructors

Members of the Argonne Decommissioning Program staff supplemented with other experts from the decommissioning technical area.

In addition to Argonne Decommissioning Program staff, instructors have included regulators and other non-Argonne technical decommissioning staff — seasoned professionals who have been out in the actual decommissioning workplaces and who understand the decommissioning process.  Some past instructors/supporters have included:

Want to know more?

  • We use only seasoned decommissioning professionals - real decommissioning doers’ - including: management of decommissioning firms, subject matter experts, professional engineers, certified health physicists, D&D program managers, D&D project managers, staff members and technologists.
  • Collectively, training course instructors have over 150 years of practical experience.
  • Typically 800-1000 slides of lecture material are used by our speakers to cover all of the training topics.
  • Our D&D training course has been independently reviewed by an expert in the decommissioning field. Their review was thorough and the course meets our expectations on the full content of a D&D TC.”