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Experimental Operations and Facilities

Facility Decommissioning Course - Policies & Practices


  • Applicants are encouraged to register electronically.  Early registration is highly recommended due to the limited class size.
  • We highly recommend that attendees register no later than two weeks (10 working days) before the scheduled start date for the TC.
  • All questions on the online registration form marked as mandatory must be answered. If you do not answer every question, your application may not be able to be processed in a timely manner.
  • In the event the online submission does not work, the registration form is also available as a PDF document to download, print, fill out by hand and fax to us.
  • Space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Website registration for each session will be opened for applicants several months before each session and closed once we reach our capacity. 
  • ONLY for TC sessions at Argonne: All foreign visitors (non-US Citizens) requiring access to the Argonne site are required to obtain access authorization prior to arrival. This requires completion of the form ANL-593 and submittal of it for approvals which - depending on the visitors nationality - typically requires somewhere between 21 days - 30 days.


Registration Fee Details
  • Registration Fee includes: One electronic copy of TC materials. Namely: the TC registration fee includes either 1-USB stick or 1-CD containing the main training course materials. Paper copies of the training materials can be purchased for an additional $200 USD.
  • People registering only as exhibitors will not receive a copy of the training materials.
  • The attendee is fully responsible for all travel related costs (lodging, per diem, transportation to/from the training course, etc) and all other attendance-related costs. Course prices do not cover travel or accommodation costs. Attendees are fully responsible for making transportation and hotel arrangements. See also Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Accepted Currency: The TC Registration fees are to be paid in US dollars - no foreign currencies will be accepted for payment.
  • The registration fee, or proof of forthcoming payment, must be received prior to the course.
Payment by Credit Card
  • We accept online credit card payments (accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express).
  • If registering by fax
    If you decide to use the PDF form to register you must then provide us the credit card details (account number and expiration dates) by filling the appropriate fields in that form. The completed PDF form must be faxed to Argonne Conference Services at the fax number:   (+1) (630) 252-5533.
  • Payment Deadline (Credit Cards): Payments by credit card must be made at least 3 weeks before the start date for the course.
Payment by Check
  • Corporate and personal checks are also acceptable for payment.
  • Payment Deadline (Checks): Mail the required  training course registration fee to Argonne at least 3 weeks before the dates for the course (see address below).
  • Make checks payable to Argonne National Laboratory. Send checks to the TC Registrar at the Argonne Conference Services:
    Conference Services
    Bldg. 201-2S-04
    9700 South Cass Avenue
    Argonne, IL  60439
    United States of America
Other Payment Methods
  • Please contact us prior to the training course if you will not be able to pay the registration fee using any of the above methods.
    Payment via Bank Transfers is only possible under the following conditions:
    The attendee wishing to pay via bank transfer must have completed the online registration.
    We can send the bank information for a wire transfer payment only after you have officially registered for one of our training courses requesting to pay via bank transfer.
  • NOTE: Electronic Funds Transfer payments must include the EFT fees from the transferring financial institution (if any) in addition to the TC registration fee.

Registration Acceptance

  • One week prior to TC Start Date (= prior to first day of Training Course) is the deadline for registration. If there is a need for registration after this time you must contact the TC director to see if space is available.
  • Space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Website registration for each session will be opened for applicants several months before each session and closed once we reach our capacity. We will wait list for sessions and then backfill if any slots become open. We can work with your organization to provide a tailored training if requested. Contact the course director for details.


  • Group and Student Reduced Rate
    Please contact the Course Director for information on group and student discounts:
    Larry Boing, TC Director
    Phone: +1 630-252-6729;   
    Fax: +1 630-252-7577;
    Email: lboing@​anl.​gov
  • Stacking of Discounts
    Stacking of discounts is not possible.

Cancellation Policies

Attendee Cancelling Course Enrollment
  • If an attendee has registered for a course and can no longer be present, he/she can nominate a replacement to attend. All requests to substitute a replacement must be received in writing and should be emailed to the TC Director (see above for contact coordinates) no later than 5 days before the TC starts. We require that the request include the new attendee’s name, email address and telephone number.
  • No-shows are non-refundable, but can be rescheduled.
Argonne Cancelling Course

We reserve the right to cancel a session if we have an insufficient number of participants/attendees or for any other reason we feel is justified. Please keep this cancellation policy in mind if you are considering non-refundable airline tickets. We will not be responsible for travel, lodging, or any other expenses you may incur for such situations.
On the rare occasion that we must cancel a session:

  • We will post an update to the website as soon as possible to reflect the training course cancellation.
  • Those already registered will be sent an email notifying them of the cancellation and a request for a confirmation of receipt’ of that emailed Course Cancellation Notice be sent to us.
    In other words: if an attendee receives the Course Cancellation Notice email s/he must confirm receipt of that email.
  • All attendees are required to provide -at the time of registration- a secondary point of contact at their organization for Argonne to contact and notify of the cancellation as well in case the first notification cannot reach the registered attendee.
  • Questions are to be addressed to the TC Director: 
    Larry Boing, TC Director
    Phone: +1 630-252-6729;   
    Fax: +1 630-252-7577;
    Email: lboing@​anl.​gov

Further policies

  • Special Requirements for persons attending an on-site TC Session at Argonne National Laboratory. 
    • Occasionally we organize TC session on-site at Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne National Laboratory is a controlled-access facility. All visitors to Argonne must be pre-approved. When you arrive at Argonne, you must show a photo ID issued by a governmental authority to receive a visitor’s pass to enter the Argonne site. Any vehicle and/or person is subject to search. Prohibited items rules are enforced. Special access requirements apply for non-U.S. citizens.

  • Training Materials: Argonne provides information and training regarding Facility Decommissioning. All information distributed and provided during the training is for this educational purpose. All deliverable materials used in the training are protected, and unauthorized copies and reproduction is prohibited without our expressed permission.
  • Videos and Photos: Argonne may occasionally take photographs during the training course, including tours, and may elect to use them on its website or for a variety of other business purposes. Other video, photo, or audio recordings are prohibited without our expressed permission.
  • Argonne reserves the right to substitute speaker(s).
  • This training course can also be conducted at locations other than the Argonne site. Please contact the Course Director for details on this option:
    Larry Boing, TC Director
    Phone: +1 630-252-6729;   
    Fax: +1 630-252-7577;
    Email: lboing@​anl.​gov
  • Tour access to facilities/sites to be toured even as a part of a particular TC by the TC participants is solely at the discretion of the operating organization at which the tour is being offered. We cannot and do not guarantee access to any site/facility for that tour - that access authorization is based solely upon the site or facility access authority and their requirements and conditions for access. We apologize in advance if this causes anyone difficulties.