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Experimental Operations and Facilities Division

Facility Decommissioning Training Course Testimonials

Read what previous Attendees said about our Training Course.
Attendee Comment Year
Thanks for organizing a great training course! I really enjoyed that NNSS tour as well. It was an awesome, unique experience that I won’t forget.” 2022
I was able to get a lot of knowledge about D&D in this ANL training. I am impressed by your course management, expertise, and the preparation, experience and knowledge-based explanations of the various instructors involved.” 2021
Learned a lot from the training course and hopefully we can implement some of the approaches immediately into our decommissioning processes.” 2021
Thank you so much - for kind words, motivation and of course all this information, experience and knowledge you provided during training course. Thank you … it is a great honor to participate in this course!” 2021
I would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent organized training. I very (much) appreciate your kindness and your valuable time. I have learned a lot. This knowledge is very useful to me.” 2021
I am very grateful to have an opportunity to join this event which is fulfilled by speakers with lot of experiences - very fruitful event. Thank you so much for sharing information and experiences.” 2021
I followed this short, yet comprehensive, training course a couple of weeks ago. It provides all you need to know about D&D, with a good balance between theoretical aspects and actual projects experience feedback, as well as between large and small facilities.“Failing to plan is planning to fail!”” 2021
This was a very comprehensive course, thanks.” 2021
Thanks, really learned a lot. Very interesting course!” 2021
I enjoyed the D&D course last week. Overall, I found it to be very comprehensive and informative.” 2021
I enjoyed the class. I wish I had attended a class like you presented 20 years ago.” 2020
Thank you so much for the opportunity to take the course! I learned a great deal from you and the other presenters that will definitely help me navigate this new (to me) world!” 2020
Thank you. Great course and really well delivered.” 2020
The class is great!” 2020
Your class was a pleasure!” 2020
I enjoyed all the lectures and learned a lot.” 2020