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Mathematics and Computer Science

EXPRESS: Toward an Architecture for Online Data Analysis

Defining an architecture for an online data analysis facility, evaluating promising technologies, and developing a 10-year technology roadmap

Large experimental instruments, equipped with millions of sensors and producing hundreds of terabytes of data per experiment, will be used more efficiently if extended with a computational facility providing scientists with ongoing insight into the data.

Working with domain scientists in the Advanced Photon Source and environmental sciences, we will define a combined instrument/computation platform. Our approach will be based on top-down/bottom-up thrusts and involve understanding the changing application patterns, technological enablement and problems, technology evaluation, and prototyping. We will also interact through workshops with experts in systems, cloud computing, networking, and cyber-physical systems.

The ultimate objective of the project is to define an architecture for an online data analysis facility, evaluate promising technologies, and develop a 10-year technology roadmap for on-demand data-driven computing detailing what solutions exist, what problems still need to be solved, what synergies should be exploited, and how the ongoing development should be leveraged.