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Mathematics and Computer Science

Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation

Collaboration to evaluate future high-performance computing platforms

The Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation (JLSE) is a collaboration between the Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF), both in the Theory and Computing Sciences building, with the aim of evaluating future high-performance computing platforms.

By centralizing research activities, the JLSE is intended to provide opportunities for MCS and ALCF staff to work collaboratively on prototype technologies for petascale and beyond.

The JLSE addresses MCS and ALCF needs in various areas of hardware and software research. In particular, planned activities focus on maintaining a range of hardware and software environments for testing MCS research ideas and investigating alternative approaches to current and future deployments within ALCF.

JLSE users from both divisions will use existing infrastructure and future hardware and software to explore low-level experimental computer and computational science, including operating systems, messaging, compilers, benchmarking, power measurements, I/O, and new file systems.

MCS Deputy Director Rajeev Thakur and ALCF performance engineering manager Kalyan Kumaran lead JLSE activities and oversee the research teams.