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Mathematics and Computer Science

Jumpshot: Performance Visualization Tool

Visualization tool for performance analysis

Jumpshot is a Java-based visualization tool for performing postmortem performance analysis. Using Java instead of Tcl/Tk (used in some older visualization tools) improves the portability, maintainability and functionalities of the tools.

Jumpshot-4 is the latest viewer and is a total redesign of the graphical tool for SLOG-2. The new scalable logfile format allows the viewer to provide functionalities never made possible before. Level-of-detail support through preview drawables provides high-level abstraction of the details without reading in huge amount of data into the graphical display engine.

The new Jumpshot allows seamless scrolling from the begining to the end of the logfile at any zoom-level. In addition, new functionlities like dragged-zoom, instant zoom in/out, grasp and scroll, easy vertical expansion of timeline, as well manipulation of timelines, are available in both Timeline and Histogram modules. The new Legend table provides a central control for both the Timeline and Histogram modules and makes manipulation of drawable categories easy. A new search/scan facility is provided to locate hard-to-find objects in very large logfile.

Combined with a special preview state display option and disabling of non-MPI states in Legend table, graphical analysis of MPI overhead in user MPI applications becomes easy. The new viewer also provides an integrated Logfile Converter for all the known SLOG-2 convertible trace formats, like CLOG, CLOG-2, RLOG, and UTE, and it attempts to conform to the standard look-and-feel expected by most users.