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Mathematics and Computer Science: at a Glance

Mathematics and Computer Science Division


  • 90 staff
  • 30 postdocs
  • 72 interns, coops, predocs

Research Range

  • Software development
  • Parallel computing
  • Communications technology
  • Scientific simulations


  • SciDAC institutes
  • Grid and cloud development
  • Metagenomics analysis of global microbial communities

Society Fellows

  • SIAM: Sven Leyffer, Lois Curfman McInnes, Barry Smith
  • IEEE: Franck Cappello, Andrew Chien, Valerie Taylor
  • ACM: Andrew Chien, Ian Foster, Valerie Taylor
  • AAAS: Andrew Chien, Paul Fischer, Ian Foster

Computational Resources

  • MIRA: IBM Blue Gene/Q system
  • Theta, a 9.65-petaflops system
  • NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU computer testbed


Mathematics and Computer Science General Inquiries