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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Fundamental Symmetries

Testing the fundamental symmetries and forces of nature to discover new physics beyond the Standard Model.

The Fundamental Symmetries group in Argonne’s Physics Division employs several approaches to detect new evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model. Our current experimental program focuses on searches for CP-violating permanent electric dipole moments, precision measurements of parity violation in the weak force, and developments toward a next-generation, beyond-ton-scale neutrino-less double beta decay experiment. 

FS Experiments

Research Area

Cold Atoms and Molecules

Argonne researchers employ myriad cooling and trapping techniques to precisely control the external and internal degree of freedom of atoms and molecules of interest.
Research Area

Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Argonne’s Physics Division conducts precision experiments aimed at testing the fundamental symmetries inherent in the basic laws of physics. In their core, these experiments search for signatures of phenomena that lie beyond the Standard Model of physics.