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Custom Manufacturing Solutions - Central Shops

A new focus for a trusted resource

The precision parts and components fabricated in Argonne’s Custom Manufacturing Solutions—Central Shops (CMS-CS) facility are integral to scientific research around the world. 

The convenience of having specialized design consultation, custom fabrication, pre-production prototype design, component testing and machine repair onsite increases oversight and reduces project downtime.

Engineering and Design Consultation

The depth of experience and expertise of the engineers and technicians at Custom Manufacturing Solutions—Central Shops (CMS-CS) is an invaluable resource when designing or repairing components critical to any study. Using their unique insight into the demanding needs of the lab community, they optimize designs for the most successful, cost-efficient manufacturing outcomes.


Welding and Brazing

The CMS-CS welding staff has developed successful techniques to join new alloys using vacuum and hydrogen atmosphere brazing unduplicated anywhere else in the world. These processes have allowed them to fabricate brazed components able to withstand pressures not thought possible and which are vital to research in labs across the United States and abroad. The staff is certified both the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American Welding Society.


Custom Parts and Machining

CMS-CS engineers and manufactures custom parts and structures on site using traditional metals and unique materials. Components can be milled to extremely tight tolerances using CNC technology and EDM. They also provide pipe and metal tube configuration, sheet metal construction and fabrication of optics and precision instruments.


Inspection and Testing

Reinforcing Argonne’s core values of research integrity, operational excellence and safety, CMS-CS routinely tests parts and machines sourced outside Argonne for conformance to spec and dimension using direct computer-controlled coordinate measuring, calibrated measurement data, and reverse engineering. CMS-CS inspectors meet American Society for Quality Control and American Society for Nondestructive Testing certification requirements. Our equipment adheres to National Institute of Standards and Technology specifications for maintenance and calibration.