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2014 Users Meeting

2014 APS/CNM/EMC Users Meeting

May 12-15, 2014


CNM-Specific Events

  • Andreas Roelofs, Interim CNM Director
    CNM Facility Status Update

CNM Plenary Session

  • Keynote Speaker: Federico Capasso
    Robert L. Wallace Professor of Applied Physics and
    Vinton Hayes Senior Research Fellow in Electrical Engineering
    Harvard University
    "Flat Optics with Metasurfaces"
  • David Schuster
    Physics Department and James Franck Institute
    University of Chicago
    "Hybrid Quantum Computing with Superconducting Circuits"
  • Lynn Trahey
    Chemical Sciences & Engineering Division
    Argonne National Laboratory
    "Nanostructured Materials in Lithium Ion Batteries"
  • Rafael Verduzco
    Louis Owen Assistant Professor
    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Rice University
    "Synthesis, Structure, and Photovoltaic Performance of All-Conjugated Block Copolymers"
  • Yongxing Hu
    Nanoscience & Technology Division
    Argonne National Laboratory
    "Synthesis and Applications of Multifunctional Nanostructures by Self-Assembly"
  • Invited Student Talk:
    Chrystian Posada
    Missouri University of Science and Technology
    "Development of a N-UNCD Based Field Emitter Array for a Flat Panel X-Ray Source"

Cross-Facility Thematic Workshop

  • Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries: Chemistry, Materials, and Characterization
    Co-Organizers: Christopher S. Johnson (CSE) and Khalil Amine (CSE), Elena Shevchenko (CNM), JG Wen (EMC)

CNM Workshop

  • Solar Energy Capture and Conversion at the Nanoscale
    Co-Organizers: Maria Chan, Seth Darling, and Stephen Gray (CNM)

CNM/APS Joint Workshop

  • Imaging at Nanometer and Picosecond Scales: Ultrafast Coherent X-ray Science at a Diffraction-limited Storage Ring
    Organizers: Haidan Wen (APS), Ross Harder (APS), Alec Sandy (APS), and Ian McNulty (CNM)

Short Courses

  • Introduction to Confocal Raman Microscopy
    Organizer: Dave Gosztola
  • Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy
    Organizer: Ralu Divan
  • Using the Hard X-ray Nanoprobe
    Organizer: Martin Holt
  • High-Performance Computing Techniques for Materials Modeling and Nanophotonics
    Organizer: Michael Sternberg

Poster Session

CNM Best Student Poster Prizes were awarded as follows:

  • Jian-Yih Cheng, University of Illinois at Chicago
    "Controlling the Length of Self-assembled Cu-Si Nanowires by Electric Field" (poster C-16)
  • Monica C. So, Northwestern University
    "Layer-by-layer Fabrication of Oriented Porous Thin Films Based on Porphyrin-containing Metal-organic Framework" (poster C-2)

Vendor Expo