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Educational Programs and Outreach

All About Energy

Developing solutions for communities through science and sustainability

Argonne works in conjunction with the University of Chicago and After School Matters to challenge high school students to find practical sustainability solutions for neighborhoods throughout Chicago.

Led by Argonne and the University of Chicago, Office of Civic Engagement, the All About Energy apprenticeship program helps students discover firsthand how to study sustainability issues and enact meaningful changes through workable plans.

In the 6-week apprenticeship program at the University of Chicago, students learn about sustainable practices while formulating their own Sustainability Action Plans designed to directly address the unique needs of different neighborhoods in Chicago. These plans, such as community gardens, renewable energy, and recycling initiatives, are ones that can be realistically acted upon in a timely manner to benefit the community.

As part of the learning process, Argonne and the University of Chicago bring in professional experts on communities, sustainability, the environment, and more from our institutions as well as from the City of Chicago and private industry. Students also take field trips throughout Chicago, including two trips to Argonne to meet with researchers and later attend the Learning on the Lawn poster symposium for undergraduate interns.

At the end of the program, students present their proposals at their own symposium at the University of Chicago. Argonne and University of Chicago staff, industry partners, and people from throughout Chicago will be present as the student demonstrate how their knowledge and insights have real-life applications. Participants leave with new connections and perspectives to guide them in their academic and professional development.

The program accepts around 30 students and is limited to students from Chicago Public Schools. Camp applications for All About Energy open in the spring each year. Recruitment is administered through After School Matters, so please refer to them for updates on registration.