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Educational Programs and Outreach Manager


Bridging introductory computer science with advanced computer science pathways

The application window for Data4All is closed. Another session will be offered in the Spring of 2023. Updates will be posted here.

Want to go beyond the basics of computer science, and dive into the advanced skills and pathways that computer science offers past high school?  Then check out Argonne’s Data4All workshop for high school students, in partnership with the University of Chicago’s Data Science Institute and Office of Civic Engagement.

Data4All engages high school students in high-level data and coding challenges. Our goal is to create a continuous, evolving computer science pathway for students, allowing them to smoothly transition from the basics of computing through high school to college and beyond.


The application window is closed.

Activities at the workshop will include:

  • Learning the Python programming language (no prior knowledge of Python necessary)
  • Conducting inquiry-driven research in small groups
  • Training on how to investigate data problems and present findings
  • Developing critical collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills

Data4All is open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have completed Algebra 1. The program lasts 8 weeks, with students meeting on Saturdays near the University of Chicago campus.