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High School Autonomous Vehicle Competition

Engineer. Design. Perform.

The Autonomous Vehicle Competition is structured and modeled after the engineering design cycle that Argonne engineers and scientists practice

The competition involves submitting a project proposal, documenting progress, all the way to presenting their final product. The competition will consist of both preliminary and day of phases.

High school teams will be required to design and program an autonomous vehicle for a given task that can make its way through a maze-like obstacle course in the designated amount of time and least amount of human intervention. Each year there will be a different task with a different theme. Teams will be judged on their engineering design process, vehicle design, and vehicle performance. Teams will apply mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering concepts to create their autonomous vehicles. Teams will also be required to hone in on their written and verbal communication skills.

    High School Autonomous Vehicle Competition

    2019 competition registration is now open! Deadline to register is November 16, 2018.

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    Registration Requirements

    • Teams must be comprised of 4-6 high school (9th-12th grade) students from the same school
    • Coach must be a teacher or administrator of the school
    • Only one team per school allowed to compete
    • Teams selected on first come first serve basis