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Educational Programs and Outreach

Professional Career Internship Program

The Professional Career Internship (PCI) Program is for undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in:

    • Accounting/Finance
    • Business Management/Marketing
    • Procurement/Supply Chain
    • Construction Management
    • Human Resources
    • Education
    • Nursing
    • Physical Therapy
    • Science Writing
    • Environmental, Safety and Health


    Students perform their internship under the guidance of laboratory operations staff on projects supporting Argonne’s mission. A student will spend the first week of his/her Argonne experience with an Argonne staff member devising a strategy and attending mandatory safety classes. For the next few weeks, the supervisor will provide considerable program assistance and guidance to implement the internship plan. Subsequently, the student will be required to give a poster presentation at the end of their appointment.

    NOTE: The laboratory is tentatively planning for student programs to be fully onsite during Summer 2023. However, a student’s workplace may shift to a hybrid or virtual status contingent upon local COVID infection rates. Student candidates will be notified of changes in the lab’s operational status at the time of offer and/or during their appointment.

    Professional Career Internship Program

    The Professional Career Internship application has a rolling deadline. Students can apply with the general application or to specific posted positions throughout the year.

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    Application Requirements

    • Must be currently enrolled full-time at an accredited institution and have completed at least one year of schooling.
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation.
    • Undergraduate cumulative minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
    • 18 years or older at the time the internship begins.
    • U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident at the time of applying.
    • Satisfactory background check.
    • Pass a screening drug test.
    • Argonne employees, and certain guest researchers and contractors, are subject to particular restrictions related to participation in Foreign Government Sponsored or Affiliated Activities, as defined and detailed in United States Department of Energy Order 486.1A. You will be asked to disclose any such participation in the application phase for review by Argonne’s Legal Department.

    Science Writing Requirements

    In addition to the above application requirements, the following requirements are for students applying for a science writing internship:

    • Must be currently enrolled full-time at an accredited institution and have completed at least sophomore year schooling with demonstrated competence in science writing.
    • Must have a demonstrated writing ability and an interest in science.
    • Submit three (3) writing samples. Writing samples weigh most heavily in the selection process. We recommend stories and articles about science, written for a public audience. This can include samples written specifically for this application or for classes; or writing published in newspapers, magazines, or blogs (including student newspapers). Less recommended are write-ups for experiments, as these typically are written for a scientific audience in the passive voice.


    Students receive a salary and, under certain conditions, travel reimbursement. Salaries are competitive and are based upon the field of study and the academic year status of the student. If travel reimbursement is approved, it will be paid only for students whose permanent and school addresses are more than fifty miles away from Argonne. Travel expenses are reimbursed consistent with the terms detailed in the laboratory acceptance letter. Travel reimbursement is based on a round-trip from the traveler’s trip origin (trip origin to Argonne and Argonne back to trip origin). 

    Transportation expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of the most direct route. Travel by a private automobile will be reimbursed at the current government rate, not to exceed the cost of round-trip coach airfare. No per diem or lodging costs will be reimbursed while en route. We will calculate distance according to MapQuest. If the student is traveling to Argonne via air, Argonne must make the travel arrangements. Students will not be reimbursed if they make their own flight arrangements.


    Students are responsible for securing and funding their own housing.

    Upcoming Deadlines

    For full summer consideration, please apply by March 1st of that year. Business majors, please review the year-round internship positions.