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Argonne offers a number of unique technical capabilities to support its scientific and engineering staff as well as other researchers at federally funded laboratories, government agencies, academic institutions, and industrial organizations.

Certain considerations apply for using the services of these government-owned resources. Argonne resources noteworthy for their unique technical capabilities include:

As part of the Experimental Operations and Facilities division, the Accelerator Research Facilities group consists of two unique accelerator facilities available for research use across the laboratory. The IVEM-Tandem Facility provides capabilities for conducting in situ TEM studies of defect structures in materials under controlled ion irradiation and sample conditions. The Low-Energy Accelerator Facility (LEAF) consists of a  50 MeV/25 kW electron linear accelerator capable of producing a wide range of radioisotopes for medical, national security, basic science and industrial applications and a de Graaff (VDG) electron accelerator used largely for radiation testing and materials response to received dose. Contact: Sergey Chemerisov (+1-630-252-3477)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory specializes in nonroutine analytical services, such as samples requiring unusual sample preparation or samples containing both chemical and radiological constituents. Contact: Nick Condon (+1-630-252-2620)

Custom Manufacturing Solutions - Central Shops provides engineering, a wide variety of custom manufacturing services, welding and brazing for high-vacuum applications, and technical support exclusively for the unique needs of the Argonne research community. Contact: Robert Swale (+1-630-252-6526), Douglas Carvelli (+1-630-252-5974), or William Toter (+1-630-252-7342).

Electronics Design and Fabrication specializes in software and firmware development, fabrication, engineering support, and long-term maintenance. Contact: electronics@​anl.​gov

As part of the Experimental Operations and Facilities division, the Engineering Services group works to design, model, and build experimental equipment and systems that enable groundbreaking experimental research. Contact: Vic Guarino (+1-630-252-5613)

As part of the Experimental Operations and Facilities division, the Experimental Installation and Operations group provides the electrical and mechanical technical support needed to modify, build, install, and operate experimental equipment and infrastructure across Argonne. Contact: Chuck Kozlowski (+1-630-252-4783)

Glassblowing Studio makes custom-designed laboratory apparatus in a wide range of materials, including quartz and synthetic quartz. Contact: Joseph Gregar (+1-630-252-3550)