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Surface Modification Agents for Lithium Batteries (ANL-IN-08-026)

Increased safety and security from battery gas release
Intellectual Property Available to License
US Patent 9,825,287
  • Surface Modification Agents for Lithium Batteries (ANL-IN-08-026)

The Invention 

A process to modify the surface of the active material used in an electrochemical device. The modification agent can be a silane, organometallic compound, or a mixture of two or more of such compounds. Both negative and positive electrodes for lithium-ion batteries can be made from the surface-modified active materials. Surface modification can be accomplished by either adding the agent to a non-aqueous electrolyte used in constructing a battery, or by treating the materials in a gas phase or in a solution. 


Schematic of surface modification for battery materials.
  • Increased safety and life of lithium-ion batteries, as the surface modification prevents a catalytic reaction in lithium-ion cells that generates hydrogen gas, which can lead to substantial power fade of the cell and potential explosions. 
  • Includes methods and molecules as additives that enable electrode modification.

Applications and Industries 

Coatings for electrodes used in batteries for 

  • Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; 
  • Portable electronic devices; 
  • Medical devices; and 
  • Space, aeronautical, and defense-related devices.

Developmental Stage 

Reduced to practice