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Education and Outreach Programs

Lockport Township High School ESRP 2017

X-ray Crystallography of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme with and without Ligands


  • Students:
    • Leila Bentaous
    • Thomas Calderaro
    • Mariah Dicksen
    • Drew Doubleday
    • Krystian Glowacz
    • Sierra Goldstein
    • Michelle Hajduk
    • Victoria Hennessey
    • Ryan Michet
    • Max Paulson
    • Roxanne Siuda
  • Teachers:
    • Karen Murphy
    • William Kane
  • Mentors:
    • Erica Duguid (Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source; IMCA-CAT, Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute, Sector 17)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 17: IMCA-CAT; Advanced Photon Source Sector 19: SBC-CAT

The structure of proteins can be affected by binding different ligands to them. Chicken egg white lysozyme is an important protein in protecting the egg from bacterial infections. N-Acetylmuramic acid (NAM) and N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine (NAG) are known amino sugars they are commonly found in bacterial cell walls. They are typically arranged in a regular, alternating pattern. NAM and NAG are present in both gram-positive and gram-negative cell walls, but are much more prominent in gram-positive cell walls. This research solved for the structure of chicken egg white lysozyme with and without NAM or NAG sugars.

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