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Acoustic Building Infiltration Measurement System/Sonic Leak Quantifier (SonicLQ)

  • Building infiltration – the uncontrolled leakage of air in and out of a building envelope – accounts for a significant portion of the heating and cooling energy for buildings and is estimated to account for nearly 4% of all energy use in the United States.
  • The Argonne technology uses acoustic methods to locate and quantify air leak locations on building envelopes.
  • Can be used for buildings of all sizes and can be used while the envelope is still under construction.

ALD Reactor for Coating Porous Substrates

  • Improved ALD reactor for coating substrates, particularly porous substrates having an aspect ratio, defined as pore length divided by pore diameter, of greater than about 10-1000, and a high surface area by virtue of the porosity
  • These features serve to improve the uniformity of the precursor flux, resulting in improved thickness and compositional uniformity of the deposited layers on the porous substrate

Hybrid Silicon-Phosphorene Nanolaser

  • Lasing from a hybrid nanostructure composed of a silicon optical resonator and a two-dimensional phosphorene film
  • The ~1555 nm emission wavelength opens possibilities for optically-active devices for integrated silicon photonics

Multiple Operating System Rotation Environment Moving Target Defense

  • Systems and methods for providing a multiple operating system rotation environment (“MORE”) moving target defense (“MTD”) computing system are described.
  • The MORE-MTD system provides enhanced computer system security through a rotation of multiple operating systems. The MORE-MTD system increases attacker uncertainty, increases the cost of attacking the system, reduces the likelihood of an attacker locating a vulnerability, and reduces the exposure time of any located vulnerability.
  • The MORE-MTD environment is effectuated by rotation of the operating systems at a given interval. The rotating operating systems create a consistently changing attack surface for remote attackers.

NbTi-Superconductor-Based Superconducting Undulators

  • NbTi-superconductor-based SCU could pave the way to expanding the X-ray energy range at existing light sources without increasing the electron beam energy.

Stream Splitting Moving Target Defense

  • This invention relates generally to systems that thwart cyber-attacks and data theft by employing moving target defense (MTD).
  • In particular, the invention relates to systems that utilize a stream splitting environment MTD to counter cyber-attack attempts and network sniffing, data acquisition attempts.

Ultra-Stable Long-Travel Stages for Next-Generation Light Sources Devices and Advanced Fabrication Equipment

  • A solution to the need for innovation in long-travel vertical stage designs with enhanced stability.
  • Uses high rigidity materials (e.g., granite) combined with air-bearings that can provide nanometer vibrational and thermal stability, while also allowing for scalability to long travel distances.

Use of Flat Panel Microchannel Photomultipliers in Sampling Calorimeters with Timing

  • Large-area, flat-panel photo-detectors with sub-nanosecond time resolution based on microchannel plates
  • Detectors may be used in a variety of applications including: medical imaging, security, and particle and nuclear physics

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