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Learning Lab Safety Rules

Make safety a conscientious and regular practice

Argonne National Laboratory is an exceptional place with very unique facilities and tools, operated by scientists, engineers, and a highly trained support staff.

Argonne’s goal is to push the boundaries of science and discovery. This is not an easy task! You as visitors have a special opportunity to see and to experience the mission science and scientific activities that occur every day at the Lab. With this experience comes participation within our excellent safety culture.

Learning Lab Requirements

  • Participation is limited to students between Grade 5 and Grade 12 or equivalent for home-schooled groups. A single group should not range more than two grade levels.
  • Students are expected to participate in all phases of their learning lab, including: Pre-lab at school/home, Lab (visit at Argonne), and Post-lab at school/home.
  • Student protection and safety is our first concern. Proper attire includes closed shoes with long pants or jeans.  The body must be covered from toe-to-waist with no exposed skin.
  • For some activities, students will be provided safety glasses. All visitors must wear them throughout the activity. Again, this is an important safety requirement at Argonne, not just for visiting students, but for all employees as well.

General Student Rules

  • Be courteous and respectful in the classroom, lab areas, hallways, cafeteria, and bus when our staff are providing instructions or pointing out key items while driving across campus. 
  • No food, drinks, or gum may be taken into the classroom/lab areas. Cell phones must be turned off and put away.
  • No running is allowed at any time.
  • Slow down and be careful on steps – use hand rails if available.
  • In cold weather, you must exercise care when navigating potentially slippery sidewalks, moving from your vehicle to the building, or visa versa. If you see a slippery space, feel free to use the salt in the community bins to make that space safe.
  • If an alarm or siren is heard, stop what you are doing, quiet down, and be ready to take instruction from your Argonne instructor/facilitator. In the event of a fire, everyone must leave the building, and reassemble at a specific location. In the event of a tornado, everyone must move to a lower part of the building.

Additional Cafeteria Rules

  • Students are not allowed to purchase food or beverages from the cafeteria. Note: The cafeteria does not have a water fountain, so drinks may need to be brought along.
  • Be seated while eating or waiting for others to finish eating. Enjoy your conversations using your inside voice’.
  • Get permission from your chaperone to use the washrooms, if needed.
  • When finished eating, clean up your space and place all trash in nearby containers. Collect all personal items.

Thank you in advance for following these rules and requirements! We know you will have a great experience with us.